Our mission is to raise enterprise’s brand values by deep understanding its brand value. We provide high quality and fine Life Style Management and Concierge Service to meet on each customer. Our pleasure is to be customer pleased, by providing the service which is go beyond expectations.


Dominant achievements

We offer a high-net-worth concierge service that is high-quality personalized since we established in October 2001. There is no answer to be NO. So far result from experiences of corresponds to the concierge requests more than 70,000, we are familiar with how to respond and know their needs of wealthy customers.


Original data base specialized for wealthy nations customers

We have an original data base. It is customized for High-net-worth individuals and contains about 35,000 restaurants, hotels, and spas.
*Our staff have directly visited and valued many of them.
*We can also introduce hideaway restaurants or hotels which do not open their address to the public


High-level of corporate store network and special service development capabilities

Our company have strong links with facilities such as restaurants and hotels nationwide popular in wealthy customers. There are many development track records of club services and campaign products that are taken advantage of the network.


Flexible desk operation in accordance with requirement

It is not limited to the provision of concierge services. We are also supported outbound call such as campaign secretariat. Since 2009, we have also carried out a bilingual of Japanese / English.


Main Services




We propose a store and facilities along the status and scene of customer by full use of the Database proprietary. In addition, we also performs search and propose transportation.

Remind Service

Remind Service

By informing us a precious anniversary in advance, we remind of it just before that day, and propose gift or restaurant for celebration. We can also introduce the information of public performance of your favorite artist or sport team.



We support many kinds of arrangement such as gift for clients or customers, present for wife, and search for inventory of rare items. We also search for method for obtaining, set items aside, and arrange for the repairment. Any request is welcomed.

Health care

Health care

Spending days with a healthy weight is irreplaceable. We can arrange the private gym, salon of Yoga and Pilates, and also propose the fasting or complete medical checkup.

Home / Life service

Home / Life service

We provide solutions when clients need help at home such as service for tidying up the garden, window cleaning, house‐moving, and security guard. Introduction of babysitter and a private teacher is also available.



We introduce Spa, beauty salon, hair and nail salon, and other facilities that enrich life. Either individual or pair use we can arrange it from the menu, meeting client’s needs.



We take care of foreign tourists, who are increasing year by year. We support their trip, considering the purpose of the visit, their status, or their religion.

Information retrieval

Information retrieval

We look for and provide the correct information of something that you wonder in daily life, or matters that you do not know if it is right or wrong.



We search for pet shop, animal hospital, trimming salon and restaurants or hotels that can use with precious pets. We also support a trip abroad with them.


We can also provide many kinds of reception services from handling inquiry of events, promotions, campaigns held by the company, to managing registration, application, and complaint. Our staff who completed our concierge training will provide the high quality service.

For further information, please give us a call or an e-mail.


Case Examples


*The providing information tool will be phone, e-mail, or FAX. We can follow by client’s preference.
*We will provide this service after the conclusion of operating agreement contract with corporation.
*This is not direct service for individual customer.


Introduction Case



Credit card company

Many records of performance such as the concierge service for Platinum member of credit card company which has one of the largest membership scales in Japan, or for another Platinum member of international credit card company which issues cards only by invitation.


Telecommunication device manufacturer

Concierge service for users of the world highest class mobile phone produced by the telecommunication device maker headquartered in Finland.


Luxury automobile manufacturer

Concierge service for owners of Italian car which provides one of the most luxury cars in the world.


Real estate company

Concierge service for property owners of Japanese major real estate company.


Other services


Based on our original know-how of the concierge service, we can also deal with the request as below. For more information, please ask us by phone or e-mail.

Support of the promotion and marketing for business targeting High-net-worth individual.

We act consulting the products or service development for wealthy class, by checking the trend of the purchase of wealthy class on concierge service. We provide consistent service from narrowing the target user to test marketing, or sales support,

Consulting support of business operations

Our know-how of the concierge service cultivated over the years can support client’s operative leveling and optimization. We deputize the indirect department such as general affairs, human resources, and accounting, which could be the heavy burden for small business. Clients can keep focusing on main business while we support the speeding up of that business.