Message from CEO

Our company who aimed corporate slogans as “Lead To Exciting World” was founded in 2001, and we deal with concierge services targeted for wealthy nations, and we had successful to meet the ordering of department stores, credit card company and various brands of companies.

In regard to our company’s core concierge services which is targeted to company executives, doctors, business person who belongs to prestigious business enterprise, and we had meet more than 70,000 numbers of requests in the past. We are familiar with how to address their needs.

Based on the experience and know-how where stored, we provides consulting and solutions development related to the high net worth marketing to Corporate. On the other hand, we are responding to executives by management solution through one-stop for all sorts of needs from individual property and asset preservation matters to the matters of project on business of domestic and international.

Currently, we are focusing on overseas projects including partnerships with foreign companies. We are planning to leverage the network built in the future and will continue to provide solutions that are more worth.

We hope to receive your continued patronage in the future.

Ypsilon Group Co., Ltd.
CEO Yu Yamada


Yu Yamada
Born in 1977, in Tokyo
March 2000, Graduated Keio University Faculty of Economics
October 2001, Established Ucurate Corporation (At present: Ypsilon Group Corporation) dealt with concierge service and appointed representative CEO, leading to the current. Familiar with wealthy marketing and luxury services in domestic and international.